Does the stock market volatility have you contemplating diversification into real property?  Are you looking for a passive stream of income?  Have an IRA that you want to self-direct and buy Real Estate?

When it comes to real estate investing, everyone thinks about it, but few people take action.  Fear and lack of knowledge are two of the main factors that keep people on the sidelines when it comes to real estate diversification.  At Sterling Ridge Realty we understand what drives this fear and that is why we are committed to educating you on the wide variety of real estate investment strategies.  From periodic free seminars on self directed IRA investing and the tax deferred 1091 exchange program allowed by the IRS, to one on one consultation, we can educate you on the various ways to invest in real estate and assist you in finding opportunities.  Whether you are interested in how to put your retirement account to work, owning residential or commercial rental property, or looking for the right property to buy and flip, we can assist you.

Please note that investing in real estate does not guarantee a profit and the liquidity aspect of owning real estate is one that should be carefully considered on an individual basis.

Contact us today and let us help you determine if diversification in real estate is right for you.